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Position ID:Kyoto University-Extreme Universe Group, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics-POSTDOC [#19880]
Position Title: Postdoctoral Fellow
Position Type:Postdoctoral
Position Location:Various locations, Japan
Subject Areas: High-Energy Theory / AdS/CFT; AdS/CMT; quantum entanglement; quantum gravity; chaos and non-equilibrium dynamics; conformal bootstrap
Condensed Matter Physics
Theoretical Physics
String Theory and Mathematical Physics
Quantum Information Science / Theoretical Quantum Science (more...)
Appl Deadline:2021/11/30 09:00AMhelp popup finished (2021/10/18, finished 2022/06/04, listed until 2022/04/01)
Position Description:    

*** this position has been closed and new applications are no longer accepted. ***

Extreme Universe Collaboration, initiated this fall based on MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas A, anticipates appointing more than ten post-doctoral fellows, starting in April, 2022 across the following research groups in Japan (Deadline Nov.30, 2021). Applicants should state the research groups they want to join in their cover letter (see below)

[A01] Quantum Information Group in YITP, Kyoto U.    (Leader:  Tomoyuki Morimae, Member: Francesco Buscemi@Nagoya U.)
[B01]  String Theory (Quantum Black hole) Group in Osaka U.   (Leader:  Norihiro Iizuka)
[B02-a] Condensed Matter Theory (cold atoms) in Kyoto U.  (Leader: Masaki Tezuka, Collaborating experimentalist: Shuta Nakajima)
[B03-a] General Relativity (Quantum Black Hole) Group in Kindai U.  (Leader: Akihiro Ishibashi)
[B03-b] General Relativity (AdS/CFT) Group in Nihon U.  (Leader: Keiju Murata)
[C01]    String Theory (Holography) Group in YITP, Kyoto U.  (Leader: Tadashi Takayanagi, Members: Yasuaki Hikida, Shigeki Sugimoto, Seiji TerashimaTomonori Ugajin)
[C03]    Quantum Cosmology Group in Nagoya U.   (Leader: Tetsuya Shiromizu, Member: Keisuke Izumi)
[D01]    String Theory (Quantum Field Theory) Group in YITP, Kyoto U.    (Leader: Tatsuma Nishioka, Member: Masazumi Honda)
[D02-a] Condensed Matter Theory (Tensor Networks) in Niigata U.    (Leader:  Koichi Okunishi)
[D02-b] Condensed Matter Theory in U. of Tokyo, Komaba   (Leader:  Chisa Hotta)

The purpose of this collaboration project “Extreme Universe” (see this page for more details) is to develop interdisciplinary researches which bridge between quantum information theory and various topics of physics, such as quantum gravity, cosmology and condensed matter physics. The goal of this project is to understand three fundamental problems of Extreme Universe, namely, (i) Quantum aspects of black holes (B-group), (ii) Quantum cosmology (C-group) , and (iii) Quantum Many-body dynamics (D-group), in the light of quantum information theory (A-group) as alphabets which describe laws of physics. Fellows will have various opportunities to participate interdisciplinary meetings and to visit other groups for extended periods. Candidates are expected to have excellent research experiences in at least one theoretical subject among string theory, general relativity/cosmology, condensed matter theory and quantum information theory, and are expected to be interested in expanding their researches by taking into account ideas from other fields. (Though this collaboration includes experimental research groups: [B02-b] Condensed Matter Experiment (Cold Atom) Group in Kyoto U. [Leader: Shuta Nakajima] and [C02] Condensed Matter Experiment/Theory in Tohoku U. (Quantum Hall Effect) Group [Leader: Go Yusa], they will accept separate Job applications.)

Applications should consist of a cover letter, CV, publication list, research statement and optionally reference letters (depending on which groups you apply).  The cover letter should explain (1) the research groups (e.g. 1st:[A01],2nd:[B01]) which you want to join with the order of priority, (2) the time you want to join as a fellow (e.g. Apr. 2022), (3) names and contact information of references. Note that applications to the groups B01, C01 and D01, require three recommendation letters, while only contact information of two references are necessary (instead of recommendation letters) for those who apply for other groups only. The deadline of application is Nov.30, 2021. (We may accept later applications until all positions are filled.) All documents should be written in English or Japanese.



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Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
Kitashirakawa Oiwakecho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8502 Japan