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University of Connecticut, Accounting
  1. [2019035] Instructor, Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor In-Residence
  2. [2020196] Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor, Accounting
University of Connecticut, Allied Health Sciences
  1. [2020040] Assistant Professor in Residence, Allied Health Sciences
University of Connecticut, Art and Art History
  1. [2019365] Assistant Professor in Residence and Director of the Alexey Von Schlippe Gallery
University of Connecticut, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  1. new posting[2020288] Assistant/Associate Professor, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
University of Connecticut, Chemistry
  1. [2020116] Assistant Professor in Residence, Chemistry
  2. [2020133] Assistant Professor, Chemistry
University of Connecticut, Computer Science & Engineering
  1. new posting[2020272] Lecturer or Assistant/Associate Professor in Residence
  2. new posting[2020284] Assistant, Associate or Full Professor, Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning
University of Connecticut, Connecticut State Museum of Natural History
  1. [2020195] Connecticut State Archaeologist
University of Connecticut, Department of Communication
  1. [2020071] Assistant Professor in Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations
  2. [2020164] Associate/Full Professor in Science Communication
University of Connecticut, Department of Curriculum and Instruction (Neag School of Education)
  1. [2020006] Assistant Clinical Professor
  2. [2020178] Assistant Clinical Professor
University of Connecticut, Department of Kinesiology
  1. [2020165] Assistant Professor, Athletic Training Program
  2. [2020166] Assistant Professor, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
University of Connecticut, Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science
  1. [2020248] Director of the CT Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, Associate/Full Professor, Pathobiology
University of Connecticut, Department of Sociology
  1. [2020151] Assistant Professor
University of Connecticut, Educational Leadership (Neag School of Education)
  1. [2020181] Assistant Professor in Residence in Higher Education and Student Affairs
University of Connecticut, Educational Psychology (Neag School of Education)
  1. [2020172] Associate/Full Professor in School Counseling
  2. [2020175] Assistant/Associate Professor in Learning Sciences
  3. [2020222] Assistant Professor in School Psychology
  4. [2020257] Assistant Clinical Professor of Special Education
University of Connecticut, Electrical and Computer Engineering (School of Engineering)
  1. [2020199] Nicholas E. Madonna Professorship in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Associate/Full Professor
University of Connecticut, English
  1. [2020208] Associate/Full Professor, Composition, Rhetoric, and Writing Studies
University of Connecticut, Eversource Energy Center
  1. [2020220] Assistant Research Professor
University of Connecticut, Finance
  1. [2020241] Assistant/Associate Professor of Finance, Storrs
  2. [2020242] Assistant/Associate Professor of Finance – Stamford
University of Connecticut, Geography
  1. [2020174] Assistant Professor in Geographic Information Science
University of Connecticut, History
  1. [2020240] Assistant Professor in Early Modern Global History, 1400-1750
University of Connecticut, Human Development and Family Sciences
  1. [2019611] Associate Professor or Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences
  2. [2020032] Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences
  3. new posting[2020290] Assistant, Associate or Full Professor
University of Connecticut, Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Prevention
  1. [2019533] Assistant/Associate or Full Professor, Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity
  2. [2020144] Postdoctoral Research Associate, Food Marketing
University of Connecticut, Linguistics
  1. [2020190] Associate or Full Professor in Syntax
University of Connecticut, Management Department
  1. [2020009] Assistant/Associate Professor of Management, Organizational Behavior/Human Resources (OB/HR)
  2. [2020246] Assistant/Associate Professor of Management, Entrepreneurship
University of Connecticut, Marine Sciences Department
  1. [2019655] Postdoctoral Research Associate, Marine Sciences
  2. [2020219] Assistant Professor of Marine Sciences

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