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Center for Statistical Science, Peking University, China
  1. [MULTIPLEOPENRANK] Multiple Open Rank Tenure-track or Tenured Positions in Statistics and Related Fields (deadline 2018/12/10, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Computer Science and Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
  1. [CSE] Tenure Track Positions in CSE (deadline 2019/01/01, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Environmental Analysis, Pomona College
  1. [CONBIO] Assistant Professor of Environmental Analysis and Biology and in Conservation Biology (deadline 2018/10/31, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Gender & Women's Studies, Pomona College
  1. [TTAP] Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Position in Gender and Women’s Studies at Pomona College (deadline 2018/09/21*, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
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Chemistry, Purdue University
  1. [BIOPHYS] Assistant Professor (deadline 2018/10/15, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  2. [INORGPROF] Associate or Full Professor (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  3. [PHYS] Assistant Professor (deadline 2018/10/15, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Computer Science Department, Purdue University
  1. [TTTDS] Tenure-Track/Tenured Faculty Positions in Data Management and Machine Learning (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  2. [TTTOP] Tenure-Track/Tenured Faculty Positions (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  3. [TTTSEC] Tenure-Track/Tenured Faculty Positions in Security (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  4. [TTTTA] Tenure-Track/Tenured Faculty Positions in Theoretical Computer Science (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Department of Physics & Astronomy, Purdue University
College of Information Sciences and Technology, The Pennsylvania State University
  1. [DS] Faculty Postions Biomedical Data Sciences (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  2. [HCD] Faculty Positions Human Centered Design (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  3. [SECPRIV] Faculty Positions Security and Privacy (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Institute for CyberScience, The Pennsylvania State University
  1. [IELP] Interdisciplinary Energy Law and Policy Scholar (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Pittsburgh
  1. [ASSPROF] Assistant Professor (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  2. new posting[ASSTPROF] REGENERATIVE MEDICINE CHEME FACULTY POSITION (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)

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