User Guide for AcademicJobsOnline job applicants

Initially, you will be on the Portfolio page once you have logged into AcademicJobsOnline.Org. If you have applied for any jobs, you will automatically be brought to the status screen each time you login to The actions available to you are presented as *links* across the top of the page. If you are unfamiliar with what you can do, please first read the information on getting started as a AcademicJobsOnline job applicant. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Click on the corresponding links below for the detailed documentation on your available options.

  • Portfolio .. is where you create, submit, or update your portfolio materials (i.e., your cover sheet, cover letter, CV, publication list, research and publication statements, and any other items you may want to submit)

  • Jobs ..allows you to view and apply for jobs, subscribe to RSS feeds, update or withdraw job applications

  • Search ..allows you to search the current job list and to subscribe to receive email about new job postings

  • Status ..allows you to view the status of your job applications, update or withdraw applications

  • Under Help

    • FAQs ..refer to Frequently Asked Questions in your area

    • Contact Us ..send us an email with your question or comment

    • NewPasswd ..change your password

    • Change Email ..allows you to change the email address for your login as "Job Applicant"

  • Logout ..logs you out of your account

      Contact us

    Please feel free to Contact Us directly with any questions or comments you have!

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