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      Login to AcademicJobsOnline.org

    To log in, go to the link on the main AcademicJobsOnline.org page under the Login subheader, ...as Job Applicant. You will then see the login window below:

    1. If you do not have an account yet:   If this is your first login to AcademicJobsOnline.org and you do not have an account yet, please note the checkbox below the Email and Password entry with the text this is my first login, please create an account for me. Be sure to check this box.

      Enter your Email Address and choose your Password on your first login. Use this password on subsequent logins, or you can change it at a later point. If the password checker determines that your password is too simple or easily guessed, it will prompt you for a new password.

      If you are creating a new account because you clicked to Apply to a job on the Jobs page (and you don't already have a login), you will now be prompted to fill out a Cover Sheet before the actual application form.

    2. You will also have two additional options: turn off caching and save my login. The default is neither.

      • You can "turn off caching" if you need extra security. This will prevent any of your AcademicJobsOnline pages from being cached on your computer. This would also mean that you could not utilize the Back button on your browser, since your previous pages would have not been saved for you. This is useful when you login from a public computer.
      • "Save my login" will save your login information for future sessions, so that you will not need to enter your login information again from the same computer.

    3. Again, if this is your first time logging in, be sure to click the checkbox at the next item, this is my first login, please create an account for me.

    4. To complete the initial login process, you will need a login token (i.e., verification code/number), which will be sent to your email address immediately. Please check your email before you continue. Once you have received the login token, please come back to the applicant login screen and enter (or copy and paste) the code into the text field to create a new account.

    5. Clicking on the Forgot your password? link will enable you to have your password reset. You will get a password reset form where you just enter your email address and click on Submit. You will receive a return email with your new password very shortly.

      Getting Started

    You will be on the Portfolio page once you have logged into AcademicJobsOnline.Org from the ...as Job Applicant link on the homepage. The actions available to you are presented as *links* across the top of the page.

    Following are steps that most applicants will want to take as they get started:

    1. Submit portfolio materials

      The Portfolio link is where you create, update and submit your cover sheet, cover letter, CV, publication list, research and publication statements, and any other items you may need for your job applications. For more details, see Portfolio on the User Guide page.

    2. Search, view, and apply for jobs

      Click on the Search link to search open positions. Click on the Jobs link to view the Jobs list and/or apply to a position. For more details, see Search and Jobs on the User Guide page.

    3. Update or withdraw your application, check on the status

      You can update or withdraw your applications to Jobs, as well as checking on the Status of your applications. For more details, see Jobs, Portfolio, and Status on the User Guide page.

    4. Experiment to learn more

      Never enter TEST data into the "real" AcademicJobsOnline. It is often impossible to delete such data. You will want to use the DEMO VERSION of AcademicJobsOnline for this.

      To try out all the features of the AcademicJobsOnline.org system without worry of having to later undo your experiments, utilize the AcademicJobsOnline DEMO Server, which is accessible from the AcademicJobsOnline.org homepage. You can login in as different users (see the main page there for login info), but please do not enter any real data there.

      Contact us

    Please feel free to Contact Us directly with any questions or comments you have!

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