Using the  NewApp  option

    On the NoCover screen, you can add applicants that are not already on your application List. They could be new applications that came in on paper. The applicant could already be in the database but doesn't show up on your application List because they haven't applied online for any of your jobs yet.

    After you add an applicant here, they will appear on your application noCover list. You may wish to click noCover first to see whether you have already entered this name. who is currently on the list.

    Aside from basic name and email information, you will need to provide the following on the No Cover Sheet Form:

    • To the far right of Email Address is a checkbox with Email?. The checkbox is for emailing the applicant being entered. If the checkbox is checked, the applicant will receive an email, asking that they login and enter a coversheet.
    • This last section is Jobs applied for. Each of your department's job listings in the database will be here, with a checkbox at the left. Click to check off the position(s) that the candidate is applying for.
    • Click on the Submit button to add the applicant to the noCover list.

    After submission, a cover sheet screen for that applicant will appear. AcademicJobsOnline will search for an existing coversheet by matching on the email address. If an existing cover sheet is found, it will appear. If no match is found, a blank cover sheet will appear. You may wish to wait for the applicant to fill it out. Later, if necessary, you can access the cover sheet and complete it from the noCover screen.

    AcademicJobsOnline can also send email to the applicant inviting them to apply electronically. For further follow-up on this, see the No Cover option.

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