FAQ #10 for Job Applicants   [faq]

Subject How does the reference submission process work?
Answer It works like this: First you enter all the references you need for all your applications on your standard coversheet form, and the system will create reference writer accounts for them if they are new. You can check the box "email notify on submit" or "email again" next to a reference writer and submit the form, or click on the green arrow (if there), if you want the system send a letter request email to the writer. Once the writers have received the email requests, they can use the quick upload link or the password in the email to login and upload their letters easily. Please note the system doesn't send any letter request email until you request it.

Please note that each reference writer you entered in your coversheet must have a unique (i.e. different) and valid email address. They can't share the same email address. Writers are identified by their email addresses only in the system; please don't change their email addresses by yourself if they have already uploaded any letters. You can remove a writer from your reference list just by simply clearing the entry from your coversheet if you don't have any active applications where the writer is used and which don't allow any updates after deadlines. A staff person (or a school dossier service) can upload letters for multiple faculty members if you select the proper checkbox in the coversheet; please see the FAQ https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/faqs/0/21.

Reference writers normally only need to submit the letters once. The best time to let the database email your referees is after you have applied a few jobs. Please allow the writers enough time to write the letter before the application deadlines.

To check if a referee has uploaded any letters for you, go to your coversheet page. All uploaded letters will be listed there in red text. Or you can go to your Status page to see which letters each employer can access.


The email requests you can send from the coversheet form are for generic letters (those letters for all schools you may apply, without actually name the schools in the letters.) If you need to send a tailored letter request (for one or more selected schools, hoping your reference writers will write a different, specific letter for), you can do that by going to the job's application form and clicking on the green arrows there to send. Please note the application form won't have any green arrows if the position doesn't require any actual reference letters.

A reference writer can upload both generic letters and tailored letters. The tailored letters are only used for those designated employers, and the generic letters will be used for the rest.

If you know a tailored letter is actually a generic letter, you can also click on the icon on your coversheet page to change the letter to generic yourself, without bothering your reference writer.


You can see a sample letter request email message and the letter upload form your reference writers get and see here. Please note the email messages are sent from support@academicjobsonline.org/.eu, and it's a good idea to ask your reference writers to look out for messages from us. In rare occasions the emails could be in their spam / junk folders.

Date 2016/10/25 09:59:09