Tsinghua University, Nonequilibrium condensed matter theory group, Department of Physics

Position ID:Tsinghua University-Nonequilibrium condensed matter theory group, Department of Physics-POSTDOCAD [#23982]
Position Title: Postdoc Fellow
Position Type:Postdoctoral
Position Location:Beijing, Beijing 100084, China
Subject Areas: Physics / Condensed Matter Physics, Condensed Matter Theory, Non-equilibrium quantum physics, Nonequilibrium physics in bulk and molecular quantum materials
Appl Deadline: (posted 2022/12/11, listed until 2025/02/11)
Position Description:    

The Job:

The nonequilibrium condensed matter theory group at the Department of Physics, Tsinghua University invites applications for postdoctoral positions in condensed matter theory. The successful candidates will work on nonequilibrium phenomena in condensed matter systems with Zhiyuan Sun (https://www.phys.tsinghua.edu.cn/phyen/info/1068/1694.htm) and other faculty members across Tsinghua University.

The initial appointment is for two years, with a possible extension of 6 months or a second term contingent on mutual agreement. We offer internationally competitive annual salary (RMB 300K+; negotiable) and benefits including excellent medical insurance, rent-subsidized on-campus housing, children‘s education and retirement plan. You have the freedom to choose research topics and to spend your time. We try hard to help you enjoy your life at Tsinghua. Outstanding applicants will be recommended for the prestigious “Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar” fellowship (https://postdoctor.tsinghua.edu.cn/info/zxtz/2097).

How to apply:

Interested candidates should submit an electronic application here at www.academicjobsonline.org or contact Zhiyuan at zysun@tsinghua.edu.cn. Complete applications should include a cover letter (optional), a CV with a publication list, a research statement and at least two letters of reference. Junior researchers working on all sub fields of condensed matter physics are welcome to apply. Techniques are not essential but experiences in the following topics are preferred: nonequilibrium processes of many-body systems; metastable states; nonequilibrium steady states; periodically driven systems; time crystals; manybody localization; polaritons and other collective excitations (e.g., plasmons, phonon polaritons, excitons, polarons); light matter interactions; linear, nonlinear and quantum optics; electromagnetic response of solids; numerical skills in nonequilibrium Green’s functions, first principle calculations, DMFT, Quantum Monte Carlo, Exact Diagonalization, Tensor Networks.

Our Research Interest:

We work on theoretical condensed matter physics in close collaboration with experimentalists. We are interested in understanding many body systems in realistic devices, with a focus on their collective excitations, optical properties and nonequilibrium phenomena. Nonequilibrium phenomena are ubiquitous in our everyday life and in cutting edge experiments. Most of them are still poorly understood. For example, how does a many body system relax to equilibrium after being excited by a strong light pulse? What are the possible metastable states during this process? What is the steady state of an interacting electron system driven by continuous light? After understanding them, can we engineer properties of matter on demand? Being both interesting and useful, nonequilibrium is the vanguard of condensed matter physics, an excellent choice for your career.

Application Materials Required:
Submit the following items online at this website to complete your application:
And anything else requested in the position description.

Further Info:
https://www.phys.tsinghua.edu.cn/phyen/ https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=50ActtgAAAAJ&view_op=list_works&sortby=pubdate
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A222, School of Science Building, Tsinghua University