Using the  CONFIG  option for Departmental GroupDepartmental Groups

      Basic Information

    The "Config" option for departmental groups will allow you to augment the information you entered about your group. Below is the top section of the Group Config window.

    Here at the top section of the "Config" page, you need to provide basic identifying and contact information. Your information will already be on this page, provided by you when you registered for your AcademicJobsOnline account. You can update any of this information except for the Group Type and Univ/Company name.

    • Keep in mind that the Job Contact Email address is public and is the email address that applicants will use, and Job Contact Name is the contact name for applicants to use.
    • Make sure that you have a valid email address in the Admin Email text box. This is the email address that the managers of the AcademicJobsOnline system will use to communicate with the groups that have accounts on the system.
    • You again have the item Advertising Only?, if you want to check (or uncheck) the option if you do NOT wish to receive applications electronically on the AJO system.

      Restricting Members and Job Process

    The next section allows Group Managers to specify more, or less, control over their members and job process. Many of these are self-explanatory. To clarify some of these:

    • If you check Faculty is not allowed to change their password?, faculty will not be allowed to change their password from the one that is entered for them when it is created or updated by the group manager in Members or Committees.
    • In committees can have up to 8 more ratings to assign..., if you click on the green down arrow , a table will appear where you can create additional rating criteria can be added to be shared among the jobs as needed.
    • The AcademicJobsOnline system can time out users accessing the database from outside your department network if they are idle for 30 minutes while reviewing the applications. If you wish to enable this feature, ask your area's computer system administrator to provide your group's network range.

      Customization, EOE, applicant questions, miscellaneous

    If you scroll down to the middle of the "Config" page, you'll see the second half of this page, as shown below.

    Again, many of these items are self-explanatory. Some items will be clarified after this sample page.

    NOTE that when you see this icon , the text area next to it will change to have Word-type editing features if you click on the icon. Clicking on the icon again will revert to text area back to plain text and HTML.

    Also NOTE that when you see this icon , clicking on it will give you a Preview of that in the text area.

    Let's take a closer look at a few of these sections:

    • The next item is an optional Custom Message for Applicants. Here you can enter a message that will be displayed and emailed to applicants after they submit an application. If you would like to see the standard message that will be sent to your applicants, that link is provided.

    • There is an additional option for a Custom Message for Reference Writers. You can enter a message to be included in the standard reference letter request message when an applicant requests a tailored letter for your group. If you would like to see the standard message that will be sent to reference writers, that link is provided.

    • Message for 'NewApp' is what an applicant receives when you invite them to apply for jobs using the NewApp link. We recommend that you do not make any changes in the login and usage information given in the body of the default text already typed in this box. See the NewApp section of this guide for further information on using the Newapp screen.
    • Is EOE form required? pertains to Equal Opportunity Employement information. If required, check the box and enter the EOE form in the text box immediately below it. By default, a "generic" EOE form is already typed into this box. You may use this text, edit it, or discard it. This area is read as HTML text. If you wish to customize this section, consult with someone knowledgeable about HTML and Pearl/CGI, or use the examples linked on the page as your reference.
    • Ask applicant this question? allows you to customize the questions that applicants will be asked when they apply to any of your positions.

      • Checking the box means that this question will be asked. (You can also un-check it, re-check it, etc. at a later point to either supress or activate the question.) By default, some usual "generic" questions are already listed that you may use if you wish, by checking the box.
      • You can create another new Ask applicant this question? text box area by clicking on the green plus icon at the lower right of this window.

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