KEK, Theory Center, IPNS, KEK

Dear Colleagues,

The KEK Theory center, announces a postdoctoral position (from October 2016 or
later, until March 2019) by JSPS grant in the areas of particle physics
phenomenology, model building, particle cosmology and related fields.

The applications should include
(1) CV(possible starting date should be written),
(2) research statement,
(3) publication list,
(4) two letters of recommendation.

They should be uploaded via Academic Jobs Online

by Aug. 31st, 2016 in JST. Application documents can
be either in English or Japanese. If you do not receive
e-mail from us within 3 days, please send e-mail to

The faculty of KEK pheno group includes Motoi Endo and Ryuichiro Kitano,
and Yutaka Sakamura. Satoshi Iso and Kazunori Kohl also belong to
KEK and active on particle cosmology. Mihoko Nojiri is a PI of Kavli-IPMU and
maintain close connection with research activity there.
for the detail of pheno activity.( sorry partly Japaneses)

To send an eDelivery package to us please click here, and please contact email address for any inquiries. Please create an applicant account first if you don't have one already.