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Department of East Asian Studies, McGill University
  1. [APTT] Chinese Humanities (filled, deadline 2016/11/18)
Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, McGill University
  1. [APFGSSJ] Assistant Professor (deadline 2016/12/10)
Natural Resource Sciences, McGill University
  1. [ASSTPROF] Assistant Professor in Environmental Soil Biogeochemistry (deadline 2017/03/10)
  2. [WILDPROF] Assistant Professor in Fish and Wildlife Biology (deadline 2017/03/29)
Physics, McGill University
  1. [ASTROPDF2016] Postdoctoral Fellowships in Astrophysics at McGill (deadline 2016/11/30)
  2. [CMTPDF2017] Postdoctoral position in theoretical condensed matter / quantum optics (deadline 2016/12/15)
  3. [COSMOLOGY] Assistant Professor, Cosmology (deadline 2016/12/15)
  4. [EXPOLANETS] Assistant Professor, Exoplanets (deadline 2016/12/15)
  5. [HEPPDF2016] Postdoctoral Positions in High Energy Theory and Cosmology (deadline 2016/11/30)
  6. [MSIPDF2016] McGill Space Institute Postdoctoral Fellowships (deadline 2016/11/30)
School of Religious Studies, McGill University
  1. [DIRECTOR] Director
  3. [SOUTHASIAN] Assistant Professor
School of Social Work, McGill University
  1. [APIFG] Assistant Professor (deadline 2017/02/14)

(14 positions listed)

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