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All, Conducting(1), Conducting;Wind/Marching Band(1), Organology(1), percussion(1), violin(1)
Cornell University, Music Department
  1. [CCHKPOSTDOC] Artist-in-Residence at the Cornell Center for Historical Keyboards (deadline 2024/04/30 11:59PM, posted 2024/04/12)
Duke Kunshan University
  1. [INSTMUS2425] Lecturer in Music (deadline 2024/05/15 11:59PM, posted 2024/04/10)
University of Connecticut, Music
  1. [498292] Assistant Professor in Residence of Percussion (posted 2024/04/01)
Brandeis University, Department of MUSIC
  1. [APOP] Associate Professor of the Practice (deadline 2024/04/25 11:59PM, posted 2024/03/29)
Duke University, Music Department
  1. [AIR1] Associate in Research (deadline 2024/03/31 11:59PM, posted 2024/01/22)
  2. [AIR] Associate in Research (posted 2023/08/11)

(6 positions listed)