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University of Notre Dame, Department of Physics
  1. [HEPTHPD] Postdoctoral Position in Theoretical High Energy Physics (2019/11/30)
  2. [PDCMSCERN] Postdoctoral Associate - Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) Experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (2019/12/31)
  3. [PDIRCHILCOTE] Postdoctoral Position in IR Instrumentation at Notre Dame (2019/12/02)
  4. [TTFACCM] Tenure-track Faculty in Condensed Matter Physics (deadline 2019/11/01)
  5. [TTPROF] Tenure-track Professor in Physics (deadline 2019/11/01)
University of Notre Dame, Quantum and Nonlinear Optoelectronics Group
  1. new posting[PDA] Postdoctoral associate

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