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All, +(7), Accelerator and Beam Physics(1), Accelerator and Plasma Physics(2), Accelerator Instrumentation(1), Accelerator Physics(1), Adaptive Optics(1), AdS/CFT(3), Advanced synthesis and characterization of materials(1), all subdisciplinary areas of Physics and Chemistry(1), AMO (Atomic, Molecular, and Optical)(2), Any(5), Applied Physics(5), artificial gauge fields(1), Astronomy(10), Astronomy and Astrophysics(1), Astronomy and Astrophysics(5), Astroparticle Physics(2), Astroparticle Physics(11), Astrophysics(1), Astrophysics(2), Astrophysics(11), astrophysics(9), Astrophysics(7), Astrophysics (astro-ph)(15), Astrophysics and Gravitational Physics(6), Astrophysics Computational(3), Astrophysics Experiment(6), Astrophysics Theory(12), Astrophysics Theory(1), ATLAS(2), Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics(8), Atomic Physics(3), Atomic, Molecular, and Optical(1), Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics(7), atomic-molecular-optical physics(1), Atomic/Molecular Physics(1), Attosecond science(1), Biological Physics(3), Biological Physics(2), Biology(2), Biophysics(7), Biophysics/Soft Condensed Matter Theory(2), Black Holes(1), Black holes(7), BSM new physics(3), Casimir effect(1), Chemical Engineering(1), Chemistry(4), Coherent Phenomena(1), Cold Atom Physics(2), collider physics(4), Complex Quantum Systems(2), Complex systems including applications to biology(1), Computational Astrophysics(6), Computational Materials Sciences(2) ...more...
National Center for Theoretical Sciences, Physics Division (NTU)
  1. [NCTS_TG3_PD] Postdoctoral Research Scholars (Condensed Matter Theory and Computational Materials Physics)
University of Florida, Department of Physics
  1. new posting[APCM] Assistant Professor in Computational Materials Physics (2023/12/01 11:59PM)

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