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All, Electroweak Symmetry Breaking(1), Experiment(2), Experimental(6), Higgs physics(2), LHC(4), Physics(1), Theoretical Particle Physics(2)
Brown University, HEP Physics
  1. [PRA1] Instrumental Research Associate (2020/10/01)
619 0
Fermilab, CMS
  1. [RA2020] Postdoctoral Research Associate (deadline 2020/06/08)
2654 0
IFIC, Univ. Valencia-CSIC, Physics Department
  1. [PHD] Ph.D. position in experimental particle physics in the ATLAS experiment of the LHC (2020/08/31)
  2. new posting[PHD1] Ph.D. position in experimental particle physics with the ATLAS experiment at LHC
Tsung-Dao Lee Institute
  1. [POSTDOCEXPPOSITION] Postdoc-Experiment,Particle and Nuclear Division, Tsung-Dao Lee Institute,SJTU (2020/09/30)
University of Chicago, Enrico Fermi Institute
  1. [ATLASPDS] Postdoctoral Scholar, ATLAS Project (2020/07/10)

(6 positions listed)

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