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All, Aeronatics and Astronautics(1), Application of Materials(1), Applied Physics(1), Astrophysical Sciences(1), Bioengineering(3), Biology(1), Biomedical(2), Computational Science and Engineering(1), Computer Engineering(4), Computer Science(2) ...more...
Chapman University, Fowler School of Engineering
  1. [S21LABMGR] Makerspace Manager
Cornell University, CLASSE
  1. [FMB] FMB Staff Scientist
Cornell University, Engineering Dean's Office
  1. [LPS] Senior Faculty Position in Plasma Science and Engineering
Cornell University, Engineering Leadership Programs
  1. [SRLECT] Lecturer / Senior Lecturer Position in Engineering Communications Program (deadline 2021/04/30 11:59PM)
137 0
Duke University, Biomedical Engineering
  1. [AIRKRIEGER31221] Associate in Research (2021/06/30 11:59PM)
  2. [AIRMCINTYRE122920] Associate in Research (deadline 2021/01/30 11:59PM)
  3. [PDAGRILL] Postdoctoral Associate (2021/12/31 11:59PM)
  4. [VRSSHEN21221] Visiting Research Scholar (deadline 2021/04/30 11:59PM)
Duke University, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  1. new posting[ASSOCINRES] Associate In Research (2021/06/23 11:59PM)
  2. new posting[PDMONROE] Postdoctoral Associate (2021/06/23 11:59PM)
  3. new posting[PDMONROE1] Postdoctoral Associate (2021/06/23 11:59PM)
  4. new posting[POSTDOC8] Postdoctoral Associate (2021/06/21 11:59PM)
Duke University, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
  1. new posting[PM2] Postdoctoral Associate (2021/06/25 11:59PM)
  2. new posting[POPROBOTICS] Professor of the Practice/Program Director: Robotics and Autonomy (2021/07/16 11:59PM)
  3. [POSTAI] Postdoctoral Associate (2021/08/31 11:59PM)
  4. [RESEARCHASSOCIATE] Postdoctoral Associate (2021/12/31 11:59PM)
Duke University, Office of the Dean, Pratt School of Engineering
  1. [ADPF] Adjunct Professor, FinTech
  2. new posting[EIR1] Executive in Residence FinTech
  3. [EIRM] Executive In Residence MEM
Duke University, Pratt School of Engineering
  1. [DA] Data Scientist (deadline 2021/04/07 11:59PM*)
  2. [DA1] Data Scientist
  3. [PA] Postdoctoral Associate
906 0
Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Computer Science
  1. [SCPCHAIR] School of Cybersecurity and Privacy Chair (2021/07/16 11:59PM)
2847 0
RIKEN, interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences Program (iTHEMS)
  1. [RSSRSFEMALE] Female Research Scientist or Female Senior Research Scientist
Sunnybrook Research Institute
  1. [SCIENTIST1] Scientist in Physical Sciences and Canada Research Chair – Tier 2 in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Medical Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy (one position) (accepting applications, deadline 2021/04/30 11:59PM)
2228 0
University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering
  1. [POSTDOC2] Two Postdoctoral Scholar Positions
University of Connecticut, The School of Engineering
  1. [494961] Assistant/Associate/Full Professor - Innovation and Entrepreneurship
41 0
University of Massachusetts Medical School, Program in Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology
  1. [PROF1] Tenure-track or Senior Tenured Professor

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