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All, Astrophysics Theory(2), Cosmic Microwave Background(1), Fundamental Theory/Cosmology(3), Large-scale structure(2), particle phenomenology and astroparticle physics(1), Particle/Cosmology Theory(2)
Aix-Marseille University, Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille
  1. [PD] Postdoctoral positions in Cosmology (deadline 2024/01/15 11:59PM)
  2. [PHD] PhD positions in Cosmology (deadline 2024/01/15 11:59PM)
Boston University, Department of Physics
  1. [ASTP1] Assistant Professor (deadline 2023/11/01 11:59PM)
City University of Hong Kong, Physics
  1. [PHD] PhD or MPhil Position in Particle Theory, Cosmology, Black Holes & Gravitational Waves (deadline 2023/11/15 11:59PM)
  2. [POSTDOC] Postdoc positions in Particle Theory, Cosmology, Black Holes & Gravitational Waves (deadline 2024/01/01 11:59PM)
Duke University, Physics
  1. [TROXELPITS] Postdoctoral Associate (2024/06/30 11:59PM)
  2. [TROXELRS] Research Scientist (2024/06/30 11:59PM)
  3. [VAVAGIAKISCMB] Postdoctoral Associate (2024/06/30 11:59PM)
80 0
Fermilab, Theory Division
  1. [RATP1] Research Associate-Quantum Theory (deadline 2023/12/01 11:59PM)
963 0
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Physics
  1. [PTCC1] Tenure-Track Faculty Positions (PHYS1017C)
  2. [PTCH1] Tenure-Track Faculty Positions (PHYS1017H)
INFN, Sezione di Ferrara
  1. [INFNPOSTDOC] Expressions of interest for postdoc positions at INFN Ferrara (deadline 2023/11/26 11:59PM)
Institute for Basic Science, Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU)/Particle theory and cosmology (PTC)
  1. [SENIORRESEARCHERPOSTDOC] Senior Researcher (deadline 2023/12/29 11:59PM)
1286 0
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Institute for Physics - Theoretical High Energy Physics Group
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoctoral positions (deadline 2023/12/15 11:59PM)
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Theoretical Division, T-2
  1. [HEPPD24] Postdoctoral Research Associate in Elementary Particle Theory (deadline 2023/12/12 11:59PM)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Theoretical Physics
  1. [POSTDOCHEP] Postdoctoral Position in High Energy Theory (deadline 2023/11/15 11:59PM)
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Research
  1. [2024CHORD] 2024 Research Scientist at Perimeter Institute (CHORD radio telescope) (filled, deadline 2023/11/06 11:59PM)
  2. [2024COSFAC] 2024 Cosmology Tenure Track Faculty Position
  3. [2024GENFAC] 2024 General Faculty
  4. [2024PDENF] 2024 Simons Emmy Noether Visiting Postdoctoral Fellowship
  5. [VR] Visiting Researcher
Southern University of Science and Technology, Physics
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoctoral position in theoretical cosmology and high-energy physics (deadline 2024/01/07 11:59PM)
142 0
Stony Brook University, C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics
  1. [RAPROF24] Research Assistant Professor – Non-Tenure Track, Simons Center/C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics (deadline 2024/02/15 11:59PM)
Syracuse University, Pollack Research Group
  1. [TQI] Postdoctoral Researcher - Theoretical Quantum Information and its Applications (filled, deadline 2023/12/31 11:59PM)
84 0
University of Michigan, High Energy Theory and Cosmology Groups
  1. [POSTDOC1] Cosmology and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Research Fellow (deadline 2023/12/31 11:59PM)
University of Mississippi, Department of Physics and Astronomy, High Energy Theory and Cosmology
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoctoral Researcher in Theoretical Physics (deadline 2023/12/08 11:59PM)
University of Pennsylvania, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  1. [PENNPRINCETONPOSTDOC] Penn-Princeton postdoc in dark matter and galaxy formation (deadline 2023/12/15 11:59PM)
  2. [POSTDOC] Postdoctoral Positions in Cosmology, University of Pennsylvania (deadline 2023/12/01 11:59PM)
  3. [POSTDOC1] Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theoretical Particle Cosmology (search canceled, deadline 2023/12/01 11:59PM)
133 0
University of Tokyo, Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe
  1. [CSW2023] Chien-Shiung Wu Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship (deadline 2023/12/01 11:59PM)
  2. [ILR2024] Non-tenure Project Assistant Professor on Astrophysics and Cosmology (deadline 2024/01/31 11:59PM)
  3. [PD2023] Postdoctoral Position 2023 (deadline 2023/12/01 11:59PM)
1761 0
University of Zurich, Department of Physics
  1. [PDRA4] Postdoctoral research associate - experimental cosmology and gravitational waves

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