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University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School, Department of Psychiatry
  1. [AFMDWRCH] Associate Facility Medical Director: Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital
  2. [AMDSEA] Area Medical Director: Department of Mental Health Southeast Area
  3. [FMDBROCKTON] Facility Medical Director, Brockton Multi-Service Center
  4. [FMDPOC] Facility Medical Director, Pocasset, MA
  5. [PMHNPBC] Facility Behavioral Health Director, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practictioner, Brockton Multi-Service Center
  6. [PSYCHIATRISTBROCKTONFT] Attending Psychiatrist, Brockton
  7. [PSYCHIATRISTBROCKTONPT] Attending Psychiatrist, Brockton Multi-Service Center
  8. [PSYCHIATRISTTAUTON] Attending Pyschiatrist, Taunton State Hospital
  9. [PSYCHOLOGIST] Clinical Psychologist, Student Counseling Service
  10. [RAPISPARC] Researcher
  11. [RESEARCHPROFESSOR1] Geriatric Researcher, Psychologist/Psychiatrist
  12. [WRCHASSISTPROF1] Attending Psychiatrist
  13. [WRCHASSISTPROF2] Attending Psychiatrist
  14. [WRCHDIRECTOR] Director of Psychology, Child and Adolescent Continuing Care Units

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