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  • Get started. Submit registration form, wait for approval & instructions
  • Log in to pay annual fee or renew account
  • Config your institution overall setup and EEO questions
  • NewGroup to add (dept) groups & group managers, or check GroupReqs for new group initial approval requests
  • Groups to list all your subgroups
  • Get started. Submit registration form, wait for approval & instructions
  • Log in to pay annual fee or renew account if not covered under an institutional membership
  • Config your dept.
  • Members to add faculty & staff
  • NewJob to create new job listings
  • Jobs to update or duplicate jobs.
  • Preview to verify application form.
  • Get started. Login to account with the password sent to you by your group manager
  • Work with Institution and Group Mgrs to configure EOE login for each group in your univ/school if necessary
  • Agree on set of questions to ask applicants
  • Group Mgrs set up EOE questions in Config form. This must be done for the top institutional account only, or each group if no institutional account


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Apply for jobs:
  • Create Cover sheet / Portfolio
  • View Jobs listing or Search jobs
  • Click on "Apply" links to apply for jobs. Select required Portfolio items when you apply.
  • Monitor Status, check if applications are complete, if reference letters submitted.
  • Make any updates to Portfolio or applications (as seen by employers).
  • Don't delete Portfolio items in sue before job search is over
  • See the FAQs, User Guide or contact us.

  • Login as reference writer, or upload letter directly by clicking on the link in your email
  • Click on applicant name on Refs page to upload reference letter.
  • On Reference Letter uploading form, select or provide text for letter.
  • Proxy link for others to upload your letters
  • On Refs page, click name of letter to replace or delete
  • Click "applications" to see positions applied and letters needed
  • See the FAQs, User Guide or contact us.
Review & rate applications.
  • List or Search applicants
  • Review application material
  • Indicate rating and comments, optional "short list" & "not consider"
  • Access other faculty ratings & comments
  • Refer applicant to other faculty
  •  Wanted list to invite candidates to apply.
  • Saved searches on Wanted list to get email about new applicants
  • See the FAQs, User Guide or contact us.


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Get job offers:
  • Congratulations!
  • Save to local computer any Portfolio items you want to save for later use.
  • Account normally disappears after one year
  • See you on AJO again  :-)
For next year:
  • Save to local computer any letters you want to save.
  • Letters are removed after job season is over

Finish up.
  • Email rejection notices.
  • EOE to print out summary
  • Snapshots to download to your system
  • Edit Jobs to change all Job Status to "Finished"

Make hiring decisions.
  • (optional) Form Committees, set up by Group Manager
  • List and sort applicants by ratings
  • Meeting, voting, etc.
  • View and save EOE/EEO reports, or
  • download raw data when required to make your own reports

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