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Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
  1. new posting[ARS] Assistant Research Scientist - Nuclear Engineering - College of Engineering (posted 2018/04/20)
Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University
  1. new posting[QPD] Qatar Post-Doctoral Fellowship (posted 2018/04/20)
Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
  1. new posting[APS] Assistant Project Scientist Nuclear Engineering - College of Engineering (posted 2018/04/20)
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McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University
  1. new posting[2018DSPPDIRECTOR] Data Science at Georgetown University (posted 2018/04/20)
College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH
  1. new posting[RESEARCHFELLOW] Research fellow in computational statistics for livestock health and production (posted 2018/04/19)
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Mount Allison University
  1. new posting[ASTTA] Assistant Professor of Biochemistry (posted 2018/04/20, updated 2018/04/19)
Department of Linguistics, Cornell University
  1. new posting[POSTDOC1] Postdoctoral Associate (posted 2018/04/19)
Department of Biology, Boston University
  1. new posting[PDOCLECT] Postdoctoral Associate/Lecturer (posted 2018/04/19)
Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, University of Vermont
  1. new posting[LEC] Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering (posted 2018/04/18)
Engineering Leadership Programs, Cornell University
  1. new posting[ESLINSTR] ESL Instructor, Summer English Immersion Program for Masters in Engineering Students [multiple positions] (posted 2018/04/18)
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Dept. of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  1. new posting[LEC] Lecturer (posted 2018/04/18)
  2. new posting[FA] Faculty Associate (posted 2018/04/18)
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, University of Connecticut
  1. new posting[2018510] Assistant Professor in Residence, Asian and Asian American Studies Institute (posted 2018/04/18)
World Languages and Cultural Studies, Merrimack College
  1. new posting[LECTURERINSPANISH] Lecturer in Spanish (posted 2018/04/18)
Physiology and Neurobiology, University of Connecticut
  1. new posting[2018496] Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Physiology and Neurobiology (posted 2018/04/18)
Engineering Leadership Programs, Cornell University
  1. new posting[LECSRLEC] Lecturer / Senior Lecturer Position in Engineering Commmunications Program (posted 2018/04/18)
Art and Art History, University of Connecticut
  1. new posting[2018502] Assistant Professor in Arts Administration and Museum Studies (posted 2018/04/18)
Quantum Transport and Electronic Structure Theory Unit, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
  1. new posting[PP] Postdoc positions in condensed matter theory (posted 2018/04/18)
Physics Department, University of California, Davis
  1. new posting[MU2E] Postdoctoral Position: Search for Rare Muon Process (posted 2018/04/17)
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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Physics
  1. new posting[HPC2018] High Performance Computing Postdoctoral Scholar (posted 2018/04/17)
Department of Kinesiology, University of Connecticut
  1. new posting[2018462] Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology (posted 2018/04/17)
Physics, Stockholm University
  1. new posting[PHD] PhD student position in observational cosmology Hide (posted 2018/04/17)
Statistical Science, Duke University
  1. new posting[PDAT] Postdoctoral Associate in Teaching (posted 2018/04/17)
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Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, University of Toronto
  1. new posting[ASSISTANTPROFESSORCLTA] Contractually-Limited Term Appointment, Assistant Professor, Non-Teaching Stream – Critical Race and Indigenous Studies (posted 2018/04/17)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Victoria
  1. new posting[APSEC] Assistant Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering (posted 2018/04/16)
Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
  1. new posting[UTMCSCCLTA] Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream (CLTA) (posted 2018/04/16)
Physics, McGill University
  1. new posting[PDF1] Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University for Ba-tagging with nEXO (posted 2018/04/16)
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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lahore University of Management Sciences
  1. new posting[FACULTY] Assistant/Associate/Full Professor in Chemical Engineering (posted 2018/04/16)
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Particle Physics Division, Fermilab
  1. [APTBF] Application Physicist (posted 2018/04/13)
Physics Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  1. [AWARDEE] Leona Woods Fall 2018 (posted 2018/04/13)
806 0
Romance Languages/College of Arts and Sciences, University of Oregon
  1. [INSTR] Pro Tempore Instructor (posted 2018/04/13)
Department of Political Science, University of Oregon
  1. [AY19POOL] Instructor Pool (posted 2018/04/13)
College of Engineering Deans Office, University of South Alabama
  1. [APNTT] Asst Professor NTT #7182 (posted 2018/04/13)
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Colgate University
  1. [VAP] Visiting Assistant Professor in Physics (posted 2018/04/13)
Department of Civil Engineering, Stony Brook University
  1. [LECTURER] Lecturer (non-tenure track) (posted 2018/04/13)
Economics, Duke University
  1. [INST1] Instructor in Economics (posted 2018/04/13, updated 2018/04/12)
2892 0
Electrical and Computer Engineering, The Ohio State University
  1. [FULLPROF] OSU-ECE - Tenure Track - Energy Perf/Data Centers (posted 2018/04/12)
  2. [RESPROF] OSU-ECE - Research Faculty - Power Electronics (posted 2018/04/12)
Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, University of Connecticut
  1. [2018505] Speech Language Pathologist/Clinical Instructor (posted 2018/04/12)
Computer Science, Oklahoma State University
  1. [AF9599] Visiting Assistant Professor (posted 2018/04/12)

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