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All, Biochemistry(1), Bioinformatics(1), Biomaterials(1), Biomechanics(1), Biomedical and biological imaging(1), Biomedical and Health Big Data Analytics, Visualization, and Knowledge Modeling(1), Biomedical Engineering(18), Biomedical Engineering Optics(1), Biophotonics(1), Cancer engineering(1) ...more...
Carleton University, Laser-assisted medical physics and engineering laboratory (LAMPE Lab)
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoctoral fellow
137 0
Duke University, Biomedical Engineering
  1. [DUKEBURSAC3] Associate in Research
  2. [DUKEBURSAC4] Associate in Research
  3. [DUKEBURSAC6] Postdoctoral Associate
  4. [DUKECHORY] Associate in Research
  5. [DUKEDUNN2] Postdoctoral Associate
  6. [DUKEGERECHT] Associate in Research
  7. [DUKEITIMDUNN1] Associate in Research
  8. [DUKEJOHNSON] Postdoctoral Associate
  9. [DUKEKRIEGER] Associate in Research
  10. [DUKEKRIEGER1] Associate in Research
  11. [DUKELINGCHONGAAR] Associate in Research
  12. [DUKENIGHTINGALE] Associate in Research
  13. [DUKESONG] Postdoctoral Associate
  14. [DUKEVENTURELLI1] Research Associate
  15. [DUKEVIVENTI1] Postdoctoral Associate
  16. [DUKEVRS] Visiting Research Scholar
  17. [DUKTRUSKEY] Associate in Research
3110 0
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chemical and Biological Engineering
  1. [JOBID9320] Faculty Positions in Chemical and Biological Engineering
5150 0
Illinois Institute of Technology, Armour College of Engineering
  1. [DEPTCHAIR] Chair of the Biomedical Engineering Department (accepting applications)
University of Connecticut, Biomedical Engineering
  1. [497001] Professor and Department Head, Biomedical Engineering

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