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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Duke University
  1. [ASSTPOP_INFOSCI] Assistant Professor of the Practice of Computational Media Arts (2018/12/01)
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Arts & Sciences: International Comparative Studies, Duke University
  1. [POP] Professor of the Practice ( Open Rank) (2019/01/10)
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Duke University
  1. [POP] Assistant/Associate/Professor of the Practice of Japanese Language and Linguistics (2018/12/01)
Bhandawat lab, Duke University
  1. [AR] Associate in Research (offers accepted)
Biodemography of Aging Research Unit, Duke University
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoctoral Researcher in the Field of Human Aging and Health (Duke University, NC)
  2. [POSTDOCTORALASSOCIATE] Postdoctoral Associate, Biodemography of Aging Research Unit (2018/12/31)
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Biology, Duke University
  1. [APDCMB] Assistant Professor/Associate Professor (2018/12/01)
  2. new posting[BER_AIR] Associate in Research
  3. [KIEHART_PD1] Postdoctoral Fellow, Kiehart Lab
  4. [MORRIS_PD11] Postdoctoral associate in population ecology in the Morris lab (2019/01/31)
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Biomedical Engineering, Duke University
  1. [CELLANDGENETHERAPIESPOSTDOC] Postdoctoral Fellow in Cell and Gene Therapies for Cardiac Arrhythmias and Heart Failure
  2. [HUMANSKELETALPOSTDOC] Postdoctoral Fellow in Human Skeletal Muscle Disease Modeling and Therapy
  3. [IMMUNOENGINEERINGPOSTDOC] Postdoctoral Fellow in Immunoengineering for Muscle Regeneration
  4. [POP] Lecturer or Professor of Practice (2018/12/31)
Biostatistics & Bioinformatics, Duke University
  1. [POSTDOC15] Postdoctoral Associate - Biostatistics (deadline 2018/10/15)
  2. [POSTDOC16] Postdoctoral Associate - Biostatistics (deadline 2018/10/15)
  3. [POSTDOC17] Postdoctoral Associate - Biostatistics (filled)
  4. [POSTDOC18] Postdoctoral Associate - Biostatistics (filled)
Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, Duke University
  1. [RA] Research Assistant (2018/11/30)
Computer Science, Duke University
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoc - Computational Cryo-Electron Microscopy (2018/12/31)
  2. [RESASSTPROF19] Research Assistant Professor in Computer Science (deadline 2018/11/15)
  3. [TTFACULTY19] Tenure-Track Faculty Positions in Computer Science (2018/12/15)
Department of Chemistry, Duke University
  1. [POSTDOCCHARB] Postdoc - Theoretical and Computational Statistical Mechanics (notifying applicants, deadline 2018/09/30*)
  2. [PSDA_KJF] Postdoctoral Associate (2018/11/30*)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University
  1. [ASSTPRO] Assistant Professor Tenure-Track Position in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Department of Romance Studies, Duke University
  1. [DISTINGUISHEDPROFESSORSHIP] Anne Marie Bryan Distinguished Professorship in French and Francophone Studies (2018/11/20*)
Department of Surgery, Gene Therapy Lab, Duke University
  1. [PDA] Postdoctoral Associate (deadline 2018/10/31)
Duke Center for Jewish Studies, Duke University
  1. [POSTDOC] Post-Doctoral Associate (2019/01/15)
Duke Global Health Innovation Center, Duke University
  1. [RESEARCHSCHOLAR] Research Scholar in Global Health Innovation and Policy at Duke University
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Duke Global Health Institute, Duke University
  1. [PDOMEARA] Postdoctoral Associate (2018/12/15)
  2. [RSCIMP] Research Scientist/Assistant Research Professor (2018/11/30)
Duke Human Vaccine Institute, Duke University
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoctoral Associates (filled)
  2. [POSTDOC1] Postdoctoral Associate
  3. [PSBH] Postdoctoral Associate
  4. [PSGT] Postdoctoral Associate (filled)
  5. [RS1] Research Scientist (deadline 2018/10/31)
Duke University Libraries, Duke University
  1. [PAE] Processing Archivist for Economics (2019/01/01)
Duke University Press, Duke University
  1. [BOOKSPUBLICITY] Books Publicity Assistant (Marketing Asst. Senior) (2018/11/19)
  2. [DSS] Digital Content Manager (Business Systems Analyst) (2018/11/26)
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Duke University Talent Identification Program, Duke University
  1. [CDEV] Content Developer

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