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Biostatistics & Bioinformatics, Duke University
  1. [FAC15DCI] Open-Rank Faculty - Biostatistics (2017/05/31)
  2. [FAC16DCRI] Open-Rank Faculty-Biostatistics (2017/05/31)
  3. [FAC18DCRI] Faculty-Biostatistics-Machine Learning (2017/05/31*)
  4. [FAC19DCRI] Faculty-Biostatistics-Comparative Effectiveness (2017/05/31*)
  5. [FAC20CLUSTER] Tenure-track Faculty in Genomics and Human Genetics (2017/05/30)
  6. [POSTDOC13] Postdoctoral Associate-Genetics and Genomics of Gene Regulation (2017/05/31)
  7. [POSTDOC14] Postdoctoral Associate-Bioinformatics (2017/05/31)
Department of Chemistry, Duke University
  1. [POSTDOCRNA] Postdoctoral Position in RNA Biochemistry and Targeting
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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University
  1. [0RPOP] Professor of the Practice in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Department of Political Science, Duke University
  1. [VISITING] Visiting Instructor
Duke Divinity School, Duke University
  1. [ASSOCPROF] Associate Professor of African American Theological Ethics or Theology (2017/09/01*)
Duke University Libraries, Duke University
  1. [MTLIBN] Metadata Transformation Librarian (2017/06/01)
  2. [SCIENCELIBRARIAN] Science Librarian (deadline 2017/04/06*)
  3. [SERIALS] Serials Description Librarian (2017/06/01)
Margolis Health Policy Center, Duke University
  1. [CHPRASSOC] Research Associate (deadline 2017/05/01)
  2. [RAGPPA] Research Assistant
  3. [RA_PU] Research Assistant (2017/09/30)
  4. [RD] Research Director
  5. [RD2] Research Director
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Duke University
  1. [ABALLAY] Postdoctoral Fellow
  2. [CULLEN] Postdoctoral Fellow
  3. [MARCHUK] Postdoctoral Fellow
  4. [POSTDOCHORNER] Postdoctoral Associate (filled)
  5. [POSTDOCLEE] Postdoctoral Fellow
2265 0
Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University
  1. [DUMLPD] Postdoctoral Associate - Duke University Marine Lab (deadline 2017/02/15*)
Nicholas School of the Environment Faculty, Duke University
  1. [VPEE] Visiting Professor in Energy and Environment (deadline 2017/03/15)
Office of the Provost, Duke University
  1. [DGHIDIRECTOR] Duke Global Health Institute Director
Physics, Duke University
  1. [PAHARAVIFARD] Postdoctoral Associate (deadline 2017/03/20)
  2. [QCDPOSTDOC17] Postdoc in Nuclear Theory
Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University
  1. [CCFP] Director of the Center for Child and Family Policy
Statistical Science, Duke University
  1. [MPA] Professor of the Practice (Master's Program Administrator) (deadline 2017/04/30*)
Thompson Writing Program, Duke University
  1. [LECTURER] Lecturer in International Writing (2017/05/31)

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